A rental apartment web page

Sun with Style is a rental apartment in Figueira da Foz – Portugal, for tourist that want to visit the wonderful city and enjoy the amazing beaches. The owners use the airbnb and booking.com system, but they also wanted to have a website and a brand to remember. So we created first the Logo, discussed the needs of the website and design the business cards as well. You can take a peak below to see the process.

Brand design

The idea was to creat a logo to remember the beach with a touch of Portugal in it. It had to be colorful, slick and make a strong statement of the location.

Business card

Following the logo concept the business cards were designed


Sun with Style needed a webpage that could help their clients to book their stay and pay for it online in the act of the reservation. It should also syncronize all their calendar so that overbooking didn’t occur. This project was long, because it also needed content and pictures to the site. To creat a template to fullfil the owners and their auddience a lot of research, planning and tests were made ’til the the final approval. 

Webpage Structure
Webpage Screenshot

Take a look at the webpage yourself and don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you build your online business together!