Think out of the box and make some noise

Music, one of the acient form of humankind expression. A second language, it transcend feelings, give hope, bring us joy or remembrance of sorrow, so unique and yet natural to our senses. It can take so many forms through genres like country, rock, samba, electronic, jazz, blues, techno, indie and pop. You can read the genres names and already picture each of the people that listen to it. A mark and symbol of what and who you are. So, if you can do that, imagine what a good production will do to your music, how it will improve your communication to your audience.

If your looking for a music theme for a video, a good production for your song or cd, we can help you with that!

Ridgen Studios work with a lot o partners to transform your recording to a masterpiece.

Voice over

Bringing a book to audio or adding a voice to a video can be overwhelming, but we are here to help and deliver the best for your project.

Music composition

High quality custom orchestral music by using the best digital techniques and instruments.

Music arrangements and Recording

How about adding a little kick t you own composition by having different instruments recording like: guitars (acoustic/electric), drums, bass, keyboard, choirs, strings, orchestra, etc.?

Edition and Mixing

By editing your audio you make it more professional, eliminating unwanted recorded sounds, correct tempo mistakes, tuning and mixing it correctly afterwards facilites the mastering to its perfection. So don’t skip steps, come talk to us!


Let’s cover everything while composing, developing, creating and refining your recorded music.