Your dream online

When the talk is about web design, most people think it is simply a web page with some information and a cool layout. They never think about all the complexity this page may have behind the curtains to be interesting, interactive, helpful and at the same time user-friendly. Those are very important details for every website, but now you don’t need to think about them anymore, because we are here to take care of it!

We from Ridgen Studios take your dream seriously. To make you and your brand appear in the right way and thrive, some steps are necessary.

Steps to your dreamed web page

Step one - Project

First we listen to your project carefully and create a sketch of your desired website. The necessities of it will be discussed and then focused: it can be a Blog, an Online-Shop even a static Website – or a combination of them, according to your personal or business needs.

Step two - interactions

When the sketch is ready, we will get your aproval of the design, so we can move to the actual development. The interaction will be at this point the main work.

Step three - Contact

Afterwards you will provide us with the contents for the website. When the site is ready and delivered, the content can be updated by you or your team, or we can also provide you with website and content maintenance services if you wish.

Step four - Responsive Design

By completing these steps, it is time to work on the responsive design: it means that your website will look perfect in different devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Step five - SEO

The last but not least, the SEO will be done. The Search Engine Optimation is very important! With it your Website can be found easily by your audience using services and search machines as Google or for example.

Inspired? Don’t hesitate to look some of our templates with especific tools to your business!